How I went from earning $30 an hour to $200 an hour.

caricature Nov 01, 2017

How I approach working is I choose my career path according to the lifestyle I want to live first, and the money I want to acquire second.  This is radically different from how I approached my 20’s where I kept doing jobs where I could earn good money but rarely were any of those jobs fulfilling.  Truthfully, most of them sucked. 

When I started working in comics again after my daughter was born,  most of my friends thought  it was because I loved comics.  They are partially right, I do love comics, but the joy of comics or my love for Marvel Comics is not why I went back.  I went back because I wanted to work from home again and be around my daughter.  And of course, the schedule and pay wasn’t bad either.  

I estimated I earned about $30 an hour as a comic book colorist.  Sometimes you can earn more but $30 an hour was my average.  

In 2010 when I started drawing live caricatures, I was doing retail...

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