My Instagram lesson from a photographer

I met a photographer who told me she stopped using advertising because she was getting most of her new business from Instagram. I don't use Instagram so she had my attention. We were both working at an event so she gave me her card and offered to talk to me later about what some of the things she did on the site that made her successful. For our first phone appointment her assistant mis-keyed it so she no showed on me but she rescheduled. In the mean time she sent me links like these to look over: Then the day before our appointment she decided to cancel because the links she gave basically outlined what she did and she felt she had nothing new to add. How cool is that? After reading those articles I'm ready to become an Instagram superstar, right?

Hell no, not even a little bit. Although I do believe she thinks she's being helpful, I'll explain as to why what she did is total bullshit. This is a lesson I had to learn fairly recently. Success isn't doing things, success is about doing things in a certain way. She's a photographer that is getting most of her new business from Instagram, and that is rare because there's millions of photographers on Instagram that ARE NOT getting most of their referrals from there. That means this lady is doing something different and THAT'S what I want to know.

So often we think getting what we want is big, and we can become jaded when really it's those little things that can make a big difference.