A life lesson from Einstein

In 2015, I wrote this:

I just took an insert from an e-mail by Dr. Jean Houston.
”One of my smart-alecky classmates said to him: “Uh, Mr. Einstein, how can we get to be as smart as you?”
He said: “Read fairy tales,” which made no sense to us at all.
So another smart-alecky kid said: “Mr. Einstein, how can we get to be smarter than you?”
He said: “Read more fairy tales!”
We of course didn’t fully understand him at the time, but what he was actually encouraging us to do was to nurture and grow our imaginations.
He understood something that almost all highly creative and successful people do, that the imaginal realm is where the most potent ideas—the ones that can change your life or change the world—are held.”
Other than comics, I admit I don’t read that much fiction. This was a good reminder for me.

Last year I read the Harry Potter books and let me tell you, reading books that excited me that much did more for me than I ever could have imagined.  I don't just blog for the hell of it, I do take my own advice.  :)