4 Tips to make fine tuning your niche easy

In business having a niche is important.  As artists I think it is even more important.  Most artists go kicking and screaming to the concept but it’s really not that difficult with a little deliberation and planning.  Why do people like me yap about niches all the time?  Look at it this way.

You’re sick.  You have a cold.  I’m not talking about a runny nose, I’mtalking about full blown sick; headache, cough, maybe even throw in some body chills for good measure.  You’re out of medicine so you go to the drug store.

What do you buy?  Something for the cough and headache maybe?  Something to help you sleep perhaps?  Is the cold and flu analogy getting old for you?  Stay with me.

Do you reach for a random bottle that says, “eases all cold symptoms” or do you reach forcough and cold syrup?  If you’re like most people you reach for the medicine that’s going to cure your biggest problems.  If because of your cold you can’t sleep, names like Nyquil come to mind.  

When it comes to having a niche, niches are important because most people who may hire you have a specific problem that they want solved, they don’t want to get a general artist and hope you can draw what they want.   

In addition to most people being pretty myopic in their online searching, when I read Sam Horn’s book, Got Your Attention two years ago, she said the average attention span of an American was 8 seconds.  And that study was done years ago so rest assure it’s gotta be even shorter today.  

In a 2013 study by Chitika 90% of people never look past the first page of Google when they do a search.  

You need to do everything you can to get in front of your prospects, and as fast as possible.  

When it come to a niche, you don’t necessarily have to be the butterfly artist or that guy who's known for drawing zombies, there are other options if you do not want to rely on themes.

Segment your business by:

Location:  You see real estate agents do this a lot.  One agent will pound a small area to become known as the premier agent for that area.  

Industry:  You can draw illustrations for anyone but what if you focused on computer companies, plastic surgeons, bloggers, or animation companies?  If you’re one of the firsts, you can dominate that industry! 

Common Interests:  People who love Harry Potter, Cross Fit, Border Collies, etc.  

Life Situations:  Graduation, buying a house, getting married, having a baby, etc. 

Let’s say your name is Joe Smith and your site is JoeSmithart.com.  You love doing caricatures of babies but you have a variety of samples on your site.  Buy babycaricatures.com or something and build a stand alone site for that specific niche.  

Don’t think you have to completely redesign your site, or do anything particularly special.  You could use something as simple as a landing page with a few samples.  You just want to move forward with something that gets immediate attention that is going to rank high with search engines.