My Venti Size Vegas Lesson

I was in Las Vegas this past weekend at Amazing Comic Con.  When I took my tired butt to Starbucks Saturday morning I got a kick out of these coffee cups.  I always have to remind myself that there are still people on planet Earth who don’t frequent Starbucks or who aren’t familiar with their cup sizes and wacky names.  

The image is the Vegas Convention Center guide to choosing your coffee size.  It’s not a great picture but I’ll take you thru it.  Tall is if you’ve slept 8-10 hours,  Grande is for those who slept 5-7, and Venti is 0-4 hours.  I thought this was hilarious but it also teaches a lesson.  Keep your business talk simple.  

I’m sure it’d be great to tell your average client about the readability of your Iconic design, or the all foci descending weight of your composition.  These examples are a little much but artists do it and confuse the hell out of the people.  

This is a case by case scenario of course because if you are talking to art directors who are skilledartists they may know a lot of that stuff.  But if you’re talking to an art director with little art knowledge, it may not work well.  So when you talk or write the e-mail or ad, think about:

  • What do you need to say or what is your message?
  • Who are you talking to?
  • Do they understand it or is your message resonating with them?

It sounds simple but so many artists don’t do this.   Don’t be that guy.  Especially in marketing!  Clear communication is everything.  If people don’t understand they will not act.  Understanding brings action, a lack of clarity breeds paralysis.  

On a side note enrollment is still open for Thriving Artist Academy.  Because of my Vegas trip I pushed back enrollment to July 10th.  Get the art education that changed my life and many others.  Check it out!