Don't Settle for Good, Dominate

When I started working for Marvel Comics and being self-employed again, I thought the secret to long term success was being good at what you do.  And after a few years of working and being mentored I started to get good at what I was doing but I still had slumps and slow periods that drove the stress of freelancing.  

After reading 10X by Grant Cardone I realized being good wasn’t enough to have consistent opportunities and income, I needed to DOMINATE.  

I wasn’t happy anymore being on 8th page of Google, I wasn’t happy anymore being the second or third option for an editor.  I wanted to be so good at my craft and and packaging myself that people would think they were crazy for not hiring me.  

Michael Jordan is known as one of the best players in NBA history.  Most experts say it’s because he has six NBA Championships.  Yes, that is a lot but others have more.  One reason why Jordan is memorable is because he dominated in almost every game he played.  

This isn’t about ego.  This isn’t about saying you’re the best, this is about leadership.  Onceyour phone and inbox stay full of opportunities, then you can help other artists.  Wouldn’t it be cool if you had so many leads you could help other artists who need work?  

In Thriving Artists Academy I don’t just teach you how to be good at positioning yourself, I teach you how to dominate!  

I’m currently enrolling for Thriving Artist Academy, click here for more info:

Have a happy Fourth of July,