Why get a professional coach?

As Les Brown likes to say, you can't see the picture sometimes when you're standing in the frame.  Professional coaching allows a fresh eye to give you proven approaches to solve your challenges.  A coach gives you instant leverage allowing you to take months (and even years) off of your learning curve so your goals are accomplished much faster.    


Adam, what prompted you to start coaching?

I have coached all of my life.  I can remember back as early as elementary school I was always someone who was understanding to my peers and helped them when I could, even if it was just listening.  Whether I was teaching college or giving advice at comic conventions, I have always enjoyed helping new or struggling artists.  Today my life is full of obligations and the only way I continue to reach artists, and fulfill my goal of reaching more artists,  is to charge for what I do.


Why do you think you can help me?  What qualifies you?

Here's what a lot of people would say.  I have a B.A. in Communication/Public Relations  from Grand Canyon University and a M.S. in Electronic Business from National University.  Having two degrees is not why I can help you.  I can help you because as an artist, I have failed.  I failed a lot but luckily I learned from those mistakes.  For years I would "try" to freelance and then go get a "job" after I couldn't make a living.  I've learned how to market what we [artists] do and I look forward to helping artists not struggle like I did.


Do you help other kinds of artists or businesses?

Yes I do.  I help artists and business people of all types.  What I do is marketing and the philosophies are the same whether your selling art or toothpaste.  The main thing that changes are the tactics.