Fast Track Your Success with this under-publicized business “secret” used by Oprah Winfrey and Gary Vaynerchuk...
What does an Ex-Marvel Comic book artist who’s never worked for an ad agency show Creative Entrepreneurs that skyrockets personal fulfillment and sales?  The Artist Paradigm.
This business strategy was unveiled in 2019 at an elite marketing seminar that cost $1999 per person!

- It helped a consultant from Florida raise his prices immediately by 30%. 

- It helped a coach from Crockett, TX stop getting ghosted for strategy sessions and appointments. 

- And it can help you can get MORE leads and sales without obsessing over SEO, Facebook ad hacks, extreme growth, or slaughtering your integrity. 
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The Two Paradigms 
Megan Macedo said there’s two fundamental paradigms or ways to build your business. There’s the traditional Business Paradigm and the Artist Paradigm
In the Business Paradigm The things that matter most is:

Building the business and constantly figuring out what will generate a profit. 
The Artist Paradigm
The Artist Paradigm is the opposite. What’s most important here is doing the work that you feel called to do AND THEN figuring out how to make money from it. The guiding question is... 

What’s worth doing even if it fails? 

Most marketing books and courses today focus on the Business Paradigm. That’s why so many creative entrepreneurs struggle. If we’re lucky we figure it out over time. But most of us fail, quit, or do what we enjoy with a mediocre income.  
When you grow your business with an Artist Paradigm approach you:
  •  Attract the right type of clients.
  • ​Actually enjoy sales and marketing.
  • ​Look like an expert and not like an average “Internet Marketer”.
  • ​Can market yourself without sounding “hypey”, boring, or unnatural.
Sleeping on your true secret weapon
“Throughout your career, you will compete against people who are more established, more famous, more connected, more specialized. But they can’t be you. They can’t capture your highest distinct value. Only you have you.”  

― Sally Hogshead  

Sally is right. Give the world more of YOU.  YOUR story.  YOUR philosophies.  YOUR wisdom.
Adam's Manifesto
"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man." 

- George Bernard Shaw

Most people sell tactics and quick fixes. The problem is these tactics are as disposable as bandaids and there's always some new book to read, course to take, or some new tactic to learn.  

We are a new breed of creatives, we see things differently. We are entrepreneurs who choose to do what enriches our soul and be well-paid for our work.

We control our own destiny. We create our own opportunities. We choose to be free.

I don’t follow their rules, I create my own.  

My advice to you is... Be UNREASONABLE
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What People Are Saying:
Adam Street has helped my caricature business on many levels. Pricing, presentation and promotion are just a few of the things Adam has helped me with. In short, he taught me to identify and vanquish whatever remaining "starving artist" nonsense I was still carrying around.
- Chris Collins
Adam Street comes across, always, as someone who believes more in you that you have ever believed in yourself. To constantly help us move forward and expand...  I have always come away with fresh insights about how to live a higher life, and a life of deep questioning. This sense – for me – of his ability to transcend barriers with his wisdom is the highest testament I can offer.  
- Wizard Garrett
Adam taught me a lot about being an freelance artist, coaching me on not only having confidence in my art but the way I would carry myself through my artistic journey
- "Riz" Olivas
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